26 februarie 2014

EXCLUSIV! Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance: “Nu” este un cuvânt interzis pentru noi!

By In Dans, Spectacol

UPDATE 2. Clujenii au epuizat deja 3 categorii de bilete (cele cu 350 de lei, 150 de lei și 100 de lei). Totuși, cei care sunt încă interesați de bilete pentru cel mai bun show de dans din lume sunt așteptați să acceseze site-ul http://lordofthedance.ro unde pot găsi cele mai noi informații referitoare la evenimentul de pe 12 Martie 2014.


UPDATE 1. Conform siteului de stiri locale ZiardeCluj.ro, Michael Flatley, nu va veni la Cluj!

‘“Nu vine la Cluj, din cate stim noi. Nu a fost la nici un alt spectacol de pana acum. Ar fi o surpriza si pentru noi sa apara”, a declarat pentru Ziar de Cluj Mihaela Trombitas, reprezentanta TIMAF.


Celebra trupă de dans “The Lord of the dance” va susţine un show atractiv pe 12 martie, ora 20.00, la Sala Sporturilor din Cluj-Napoca. Organizatori sunt cei de la Festivalul TiMAF!

Clujulcultural.ro a  solicitat un interviu acestei trupe. Citiţi mai jos interviul acordat siteului nostru de Michael Flatley, liderul trupei!

Cerem scuze cititorilor dacă au inconveniente la lectură datorită faptului că interviul e publicat în limba engleză. Dacă sunt probleme vă rugăm să ne scrieţi la secţiunea de commenturi. Noi mergem pe o zicală a unei publicaţii dispărute, cititorii noştri sunt mai inteligenţi decât ai lor!

Clujulcultural.ro: What does “Lord of The Dance” mean for your team?

Hard work, fun, and a constant search for new ways to interpret the genre.

CC: How do you feel about being part of the best dance show from the entire world?
Very fortunate to say the least. Who could have thought twenty years ago that we would be answering such questions? But it is testament to thousands of people who have been involved over the years. I see us as a dance laboratory where all ideas are valid and limits are set aside.

CC: What is your secret recipe for managing to create such a spectacular show?
“No” is a forbidden word in our environment. We are a recipe for hard work and inventiveness. I like to think that I am at my best with dancers when we are away from the public. To bring them to new heights that they could not have thought of is the most rewarding thing in all of this.

CC: From your experience, do you think that dance is a good form of communication?
I would go beyond that and say that it is innate in all of us. I see it as a powerful tool for change in the world because it is at once an exercise opportunity and a platform for personal development, individually and within the group. I am well on the way to starting a global initiative to bring these forces together.

CC: How many persons are there, behind this successful project?
In reality there are thousands. We are a global operation but we are only as good as the people who believe in us. So we connect with a number of entities who help us bring the show to the stage. Many of these have been with us for many years.

CC: Why did you choose to invest in dancing and in creating the concept of Lord of The Dance?
I knew that we had something special and in the end I also knew that self-belief was important if I didn’t do it myself. It wasn’t easy to convince people at first and I had to put everything on the line to get there. But looking back I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

CC: In your opinion, what do people seek for, nowadays, in a show?
We are in the entertainment business and it is our job to have people leave the theatre feeling that they have just experienced something special. If we don’t do that we will not succeed. Audiences respond to the excitement that we generate but there has been a perceptible change in audience expectation with the advent of new technologies. So we have to adapt.

CC: Did you ever thought how your life would be without dancing? If so, please tell us how it would look like.
I have a wife and a young son. They occupy my life outside of dancing. So there is a life outside of dancing!

CC: Who is your inspiration? Who inspires the team of Lord of The Dance to create this amazing show?

My inspiration has always been my parents and they continue to be so. I lead the Lord of the Dance but we have so many inspiring people who make up a great team.

CC: What are your future plans?
I am always thinking of the future and where would we be without it. There are exciting things in the pipeline and we will be making announcements in the coming months.


CC: Do you plan on making any changes in the routine that you currently present?
I do, and as I have already said, we have to offer the audience an entertainment that will leave them wanting more. So we will be introducing new elements in the coming months.

CC: If you were to remember all the shows, which one was the most challenging for you?
The opening night has all of the expectation and tension after the long build up. We have had some great opening nights.

CC: In the end, since you travelled in so many countries, please tell us which public do you appreciate most and why?
I am a world traveller who loves meeting people. It is about people first. We have been blessed with very loyal fans the world over, there are no boundaries.


 Thank you!

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